Should I Use Shredded Newspaper For Rabbit Bedding?

can i use shredded newspaper for rabbit bedding

There are a number of reasons to use shredded newspaper for rabbit bedding. However, you should be aware that mass-produced paper may contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to rabbits. Fortunately, newspaper ink is usually vegetable-based, made from soybean oil, which is safe for rabbits.

Using shredded paper for rabbit bedding

You can make your own rabbit bedding by shredding old newspapers. However, there are some things to consider before using shredded newspaper. The first thing is that the ink on the newspaper might be harmful to your rabbit. The second thing is that newspaper is difficult for your rabbit to eat. If you don’t want to risk the ink being harmful to your rabbit, you should consider using wood pellets instead. Wood pellets are easier to clean and will absorb odors.

Another downside of using newspaper as rabbit bedding is that it doesn’t meet the nutritional needs of the rabbit. It’s not a good source of fiber and may cause digestive problems for your rabbit. In addition, paper doesn’t break down easily in the rabbit’s digestive tract. As a result, it can cause constipation and intestinal blockage.

Another good option for rabbit bedding is cardboard. Cardboard is usually made from recycled paper and is biodegradable. It is also low in dust and is safe for rabbits. It’s also inexpensive and environmentally friendly. If you don’t have any cardboard in your home, you can use shredded newspaper as a substitute. Just make sure that the paper you’re using has no glue, staples, or ink.

The downside of using shredded newspaper as rabbit bedding is that you’ll need to change the bedding often. The shredded newspaper will become saturated in urine, which will cause multiple problems for your pet. Your guinea pig will get hypothermia if their bedding is too wet, and it’ll also make it difficult for your rabbit to breath.

Another downside to using shredded paper as rabbit bedding is that it’s difficult to clean. Your rabbit may chew it to pieces, which could lead to intestinal blockage. If you don’t want your rabbit to chew on the paper, you can try wood pellets as bedding, which are inexpensive and easy to clean.


While whole paper is not safe for rabbits, shredded paper is. Paper shredded into smaller pieces is less likely to be ingested by your pet, and the paper’s smaller size reduces the amount of ink it may come into contact with. However, shredded paper should never be used as the substrate for bedding, and it’s recommended to only use it below hay or straw. The shreds are safe for rabbits to eat, and they can use them as nests.

Shredded newspaper may not be the most environmentally friendly option, but it’s an inexpensive alternative to wood pellets. However, some types of shredded paper are toxic to rabbits, which means you need to be sure to read the label. Also, be sure to use only shredded paper that’s been printed with vegetable-based ink. This way, you can rest assured that your rabbit won’t come into contact with toxic inks.

Shredded newspaper is also a source of dust. As a result, it is necessary to change the bedding regularly to prevent dust particles from becoming a problem. Also, remember to check the quality of the newspaper before buying it for your rabbit’s bedding. It should be as thin as possible and be free of sharp edges. If it’s too thick, your bun could get paper cuts. Also, make sure that the paper you purchase isn’t printed with printer ink, which can cause stains on your rabbit’s fur and mouth.

The ink used to print newspaper is also toxic to small animals. While most modern inks are safe, some newspapers still use petroleum-based inks. Look for paper with soy ink, as these won’t smudge and won’t affect your rabbit’s health.


Shredded newspaper is another option for rabbit bedding. It is a great source of fiber and is highly absorbent. Shredded newspaper is also a great odor-controlling material. Shredded newspaper can be fed through a shredder. Newspaper is easily available and can be used as bedding in a rabbit’s cage. However, be sure to check its safety before using it. Shredded newspaper can be hazardous if it is blown around.

Some shredded paper is toxic for rabbits, especially if it is made from mass-produced materials. Paper that contains toxic ink will cause intestinal blockages in your rabbits. Shredded newspaper is also harder to clean than other types of bedding. It tends to stick to the cage and odors will get trapped. Alternative bedding materials include wood pellets, aspen, and cellulose.

Paper bedding is a cheap alternative to wood shavings, but it is not as absorbent as wood shavings. Paper should be longer than a half-inch in length, as shorter strips are more likely to fly away. Also, it is not as absorbent as cardboard, which means your rabbits will get a funkier environment if it stays in one spot for a long time.

Another good alternative to wood pellets for rabbit bedding is hay. Hay is natural, but it’s not very absorbent, so it should be changed regularly. Straw is a similar choice but differs from hay in that it’s a dried stalk, seed covering, or a leaf separated from its seeds. Aspen is also very absorbent, making it acceptable for rabbit bedding.

Chemicals in shredded newspaper

Shredded newspaper for rabbit bedding may not be a good choice for many reasons. Shredded newspaper can cause digestive problems, and rabbits can choke on paper bedding. The ink used in the printing process can also be toxic. While most newspapers and magazine papers are made with vegetable-based ink, some are coated with a coating that’s harmful to your rabbit’s health.

Shredded paper can work as bedding for a rabbit for a while, but it can also attract fleas, flies, and other creatures. Shredded paper is not easy to clean and can stick to your rabbit’s cage. It also doesn’t reduce odor as effectively as wood pellets and other types of alternative bedding. Instead, consider using other alternatives, such as aspen, hay, and wood pellets.

When choosing newspaper for rabbit bedding, look for soy ink instead of petroleum-based ink. Soy ink is non-toxic and won’t stain your hands. Avoid glossy inks, which may contain harmful chemicals. You can also contact the newspaper company for more information.

Shredded newspaper is the cheapest alternative, but it won’t absorb rabbit urine well. It’s also softer and thinner than pelleted litter and will require more frequent use. You can use recycled phone books and newspapers, but you should ensure that you test each one to ensure there’s no toxic ink. Aspen wood chips can be a better alternative, but may be pricier.

If you want to use shredded newspaper for rabbit bedding, make sure to check the label carefully. While many types of shredded newspaper are safe for rabbits, you need to select a quality product to avoid any risks. Make sure that the shredded newspaper you purchase is not chemically treated, is free of laminate coatings, and is thin enough to be comfortable for your rabbits.


Shredded newspaper for rabbit bedding is inexpensive, but it does have its downsides. First of all, it can be messy. The paper can absorb urine and other liquids, and it is difficult to clean. Second, it has a strong odor. If your rabbit is sensitive to odors, you should consider other materials for their bedding.

Shredded newspaper can be used as rabbit bedding, but you should make sure to use paper that is printed with vegetable-based ink. This will help you avoid toxic inks, which could harm your rabbit. Also, you should avoid mass-produced paper, which may not be safe for your rabbit.

Shredded paper is less absorbent than other bedding options, so it will require more effort to clean. Also, it can be chewed by your rabbit. It is important to remember that rabbits cannot live in a dusty environment, and you should do your best to keep your rabbit cage clean. Shredded paper can be a source of dust for your rabbit, which can cause an allergic reaction. The symptoms of an allergic reaction are similar to those of human allergy sufferers, so you should be aware of these signs and avoid using shredded newspaper for rabbit bedding.

Another reason for using shredded newspaper for rabbit bedding is the fact that it is compostable. If the newspaper is composted, it will break down into a rich mulch. However, you must remember that most commercial composters will not accept animal waste. Rabbit droppings can also harbor a number of diseases and may cause an unpleasant odor. It is also important to remove any old toys that are lying around.

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